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EAI International Conference on Mobility Opportunities in Danube Region

October 13, 2015 | Bratislava, Slovakia

EAI International Conference on Mobility Opportunities in Danube Region

MOBI Danube 2015 is collocated with Smart City 360 Summit

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Danube Area describes the middle of  Europe, the center crossed by the West –East and North-South mobility axles of the continent. Mobility in the Danube region is as such the core oft he European mobility.

Major infrastructure platforms, vehicles, people and freight are flowing through an area, which just 25 years ago was still a solid barrier between systems, ideologies, mobility patterns, standards and mentalities.

The tidal wave of changes, brought by opening the West-East links and reconnecting the Europe ends meets the energic technologic developments in data exchange and communication networking, implementation of A.I. , vehicle design as well as  new patterns of behaviour in business and society induced by social media and recent break throughs in virtual presence.

All these changes request a comprehensive reflection toward the actual mobility problems, chances and challenges for a better understanding of emerging of options and risks, but first of all for inspiring a new outline.

The 2015 Conference Mobi Danube is an invitation for addressing these domains, building up an outline vision as a base  for an integrative strategy of mobility in the Danube Region.


Consequently the sections of the Conference will be:

  1. Mobility Patterns changes in Danube Region
  2. I o T  and A.I consequences on transportation and technology
  3. Social media, Virtual Presence and mobility behaviour
  4. Reducing impact of mobility on Urban image and life quality
  5. Challenges to Vehicle Design 
  6. Challenges in HR within industrial enterprises in Danube Strategy




  • Participation in this event will give attendees the unique opportunity to be exposed to all technical scientific aspects of Smart City related topic areas at co-located conferences, as well as be able to have full access to the Smart City market place and business aspects in practice at the Smart City 360 Summit.